"After more than 10 years of showcasing our four Lewiston Jellies throughout New York State, we have introduced a line of Lewiston Jams that presents another bouquet of unique flavors.  Unlike the jams we created in 2015 that are available in stores, such as “Lake Breeze Blueberry” and “Summer Sunset Strawberry Rhubarb,” these jams are made up of flavors that aren’t popularly available in mainstream supermarkets.  Flavors like Blueberry Rhubarb, Strawberry Plum and Black Currant - just to name a few.  We've decided to make them available to you on our website and also at our local Farmer’s Markets and festival shows only. 

Beginning in April of 2016 we made available six new 10 oz. jams for sale and the list has grown to fourteen by the end of September, with more on the way by the end of 2016.  Made up of local and some out of state ingredients, Lewiston Jams are the direct result of many customer suggestions and requests from over the past decade.  We appreciate all of your support and look forward to expanding our collection of all natural jams and jellies into the future." - Jim, CEO, Lewiston Jellies LLC

Lewiston Jellies were developed by a professional Chef with twenty eight years experience in food preparation. Currently a culinary instructor in the Buffalo Public Schools, Chef James T. Malley spent three years developing and Western New York grapes and local fruits to develop the best combinations of flavor and sweetness. With the guidance of Cornell University and the packing expertise of Martin’s Kitchen in Dundee, N.Y. Lewiston Jellies are sold in 70 outlets across Western New York State and will soon be available in the New York City area. The jellies are packaged with bright labels each depicting a Western New York setting and whole sale prices that make it affordable for each retailer to carry. The berries used in the jelly are primarily from North Collins, New York and the grapes used in the jelly are from Lewiston, N.Y. and from outlying areas of Western New York.

Concord grapes are a staple in Western New York yielding a thick, rich syrup loaded with natural flavor. The grape juice is combined with the juice from black raspberries grown in North Collins, New York. These berries are only available two weeks per year, and are abundant with rich juices. They are picked at the peak of freshness, squeezed, strained, pasteurized and quickly frozen to preserve their glorious flavor. The combination of blackberries with their aromatic nature, added to the sweetness of the Concord grape, is an exquisite yet explosive flavor that can be a welcome addition to the morning routine. It can also be versatile enough to use on a roast duck or game hen.

The blending of the Western New York Catawba grape with the Southern Tier red raspberry is both unique and interesting. The Catawba’s rose’ qualities and the red raspberries natural tartness are in full harmony, in contrast to the same old jellies that are sold. It is crisp and creative! The raspberries are harvested and squeezed at the peak of their ripeness to capture the goodness of this rare fruit, and is available two weeks in July and in early fall in Western New York. The Catawba grape is used in Champagne and sparkling wine, is creatively used in combination with the berry to showcase this under utilized and grape that is traditionally the last grape to be picked because of its heartiness. The addition of a white concord rounds out a creative and tasty jelly.

Peach Juice from the Lewiston and Ontario County peach, blended and the Niagara grape juice produces a light jelly with a composite flavor. The Niagara grape is an all- purpose grape and has been used in a variety of products. The versatility of the Niagara grape is on display here, as it acts as a base for the peaches grown near the Niagara Escarpment. Long a tradition in Western New York State Peaches grown along the Warm Lake Ontario waters have been a treat and a treasure that Western New Yorkers have come to enjoy. “Peach Niagara” is a sweet treat.
Lewiston’s newest creation! A combination of Strawberry juice, white concord and Niagara grape juice and finished with a hint of New York State honey. Strawberries from Western New York picked at the peak of the season juiced, pasteurized, and frozen and combined with sweet white concord juice from Branchport N.Y. Niagara grape juice from the Niagara region. A sweet delight packaged in a honey jar and a creative label.